Hi, Welcome to Elicia's Blog

Acting is letting go and jumping off the edge while thinking, “Here goes…!”. There’s a frantic sense of, “Oh, my god, what have I done?!” combined with a little bit of, “It’s too late now”, and mostly, “This is the best thing ever!”.

Which is how I find myself writing in this corner of the newsletter – I read the email from our AAUK Executive Board inviting us to volunteer for various roles within the organization (CAN/US)/organisation (UK), and I thought why not put myself forward. It may seem like a small thing, but I have to admit I’m not a natural blogger, tweeter, facebooker, or websiter…

It’s quite like that feeling of being in an acting class and the instructor asks for the first volunteer in an exercise – as you venture forward almost in spite of yourself, the initial sensation of falling gives way to the safety net that only you can cast as it’s just you up there, and there’s nowhere to hide. Even if you make what feel like mistakes, there’s also hopefully delight in having said yes.

After a series of discouraging auditions, I recently completed a short course in writing for theatre in an attempt to approach acting from a different angle. I’d always been keen to do some writing and thought it might prove to be a great way of generating more performance opportunities through making my own work. But, I had no idea where to start and was looking for some guidance on the basics of dramatic writing.

Having read a piece to the class, one of the other students commented that it sounded particularly Canadian, that the dialogue had a Canadian quality. To my surprise, this caught me off guard because I was sure I was writing distinct characters with their own unique backstory. But, of course my culture will be inextricably linked to my perspective and will underlie not only my everyday choices, but my creative ones as well. As we are the sum of our background parts, I guess I will have a “Canadian voice”.

So, I’m letting go, jumping off the edge, and putting my thoughts down in writing. I apologiz/se in advance if my accent is a bit strong. (Oh dear, saying sorry was already very Canadian of me. Sorry about that.)

Anyway, here goes, eh!