The New Year

I hope this finds you well in the new year. Wow, 2015 - it’s official, it’s the future!

As at the close of a project, January can come with the feeling of a slight letdown. There has been a long buildup of preparation for the main event, and following all of the time, energy, and effort we might put into celebrations, it can be a bruising bump back to reality when all is said and done.

Not to mention having to recover from jet lag after making the return trip from Canada. I liken it to operating behind a screen in slow motion - for about a week.

Returning To Acting

So, just when I thought I had a particularly Canadian voice, on two separate occasions in the last few weeks I’ve been told by UK natives that I sound Irish! Apparently, these 5-6 years living in London have softened my accent - unbeknownst to me…! I think I still sound the same as I always have, but our cultural surroundings do have a way of seeping in and shifting things around a little, especially when we’re not looking.

Hi, Welcome to Elicia's Blog

Acting is letting go and jumping off the edge while thinking, “Here goes…!”. There’s a frantic sense of, “Oh, my god, what have I done?!” combined with a little bit of, “It’s too late now”, and mostly, “This is the best thing ever!”.