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Featured Performances
Matthew Hendrickson

Photo by Paul Harrison
Murder Maps

Recent television includes: Murder Maps, episode 3 - playing Dr. Crippen.
John-Christian Bateman

Photo by Paul Harnet
Un Village Francais

Recent short films include: Quiet, premiering at Berlin Film Festival, 2016. Recent film: The Honorable Rebel, The Wives Did It. Recent television includes: Un Village Francais, Murder Maps. Recent voiceover includes: BOAML, Phillips, Wonderful Carl Hanson and Son.
Amy Burke

Photo by Nicholas Dawkes
Bebe+Luna Present...The Cabaret Farce!

In March Amy filmed and wrapped a new film for Discover UK! This was her agent's post about it. She is also taking a brand-new show Bebe+Luna Present...The Cabaret Farce! to Edinburgh for the 2015 Festival Fringe. The program launches on 4 June, and she will be up in Edinburgh every day from 5-30 August, 10:00pm at Momentum Studio @ St Stephen's.
Michael Koltes

Photo by Lucy Newman-Williams
Guitar Hero

Michael is the singer in the emo band in the new Guitar Hero Live game that just got announced. He filmed it last year and it will be out later this year.
John Guerrasio

Photo by Nick James
Florence Foster Jenkins

Recent films include: Florence Foster Jenkins, directed by Stephen Frears and starring Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant
Cornelius Geaney Jr.

Photo by Michael Wharley
50 Ways to Kill Your Lover

Recent commercial: National Lotto, Athens, Greece. Recent television: "50 Ways to Kill Your Lover". Recent theatre: R & D Project with Little Might Theatre Co., newly named member, Rip Tide Theatre Company, Leeds.
Michasha Armstrong

Photo by www.michashatheproduct.com

Currently working on two American feature films out of Vancouver, BC to be released summer of 2016, as well as recently being featured in Arrow.
Luke Beattie

Photo by Paul Smith
Dead of Night

Luke will be performing in "Dead of Night," a show that he co-wrote for Hotspur Theatre at The Mill at Sonning from 11 April through 2 May.
Nick Simons

Photo by Michael Miller
Like a chemist from Canada

"Ages", an Old Vic/New Voices Community Theatre production Sunday April 26th (public dress) - May 10th (No performances Mon or Friday) at the Theatre Space, Southwark College, Drummond St, Bermondsey - playing Doros, blind Greek/Cypriot grandfather who sings! "Like a chemist from Canada," for three performances in June - One at Saddlers Wells, one at The Royal Academy of Music & finally in Oxford at The Sheldonian! This performance July 3rd.
John Moraitis

Photo by Vincenzo Photography
Woman in Gold

Recent films include: Woman In Gold. Recent Television includes: season 3 of "Crossing Lines" with Donald Sutherland (guest star). Recent voiceover includes: an audio book with Whitehouse Sounds, "Skyfaring - A Journey With a Pilot" by Mark Vanhoenacker.
Tom Clarke-Hill

Photo by Tom Clarke-Hill
BT Sport

Recent voiceover includes: trailers for a new Daniel Radcliffe movie, Horns Cartoon with Flix. Recent commericials include: "Rugby Ball" for BT Sport, produced by Matt Leeson.
Miles Meadows

Photo by Rob Gilbert
Sony Video Game

Recent voiceover includes: Sony video game (lead voiceover), title TBA.
Pippa Winslow

Photo by Brandon Bishop
Cougar the Musical

Musical: Cougar the Musical - playing Lily, 16 May - 06 June at Belgrade Theatre in Coventry. Recent television includes: Apocalypse Slough for Sky1 (supporting). Recent film includes: Serial Killer for Investigation Discovery/October Films - playing Mrs Ball. Recent voiceover inculdes: Oracle, Novartis.
Gigi Burgdorf

Photo by Steve Lawton
50 Ways to Kill Your Lover

Recent commercials: Santana Insurance, South Africa. Recent television includes: "50 Ways to Kill Your Lover", episode: "Taking Out the Trash" - playing Police Detective. Recent film includes: Night Bus - nominated for Best Feature in British Independent Film Festival.
Morgan Deare

Photo by Maxine Evans
Wild Oats

Recent film includes: Wild Oats, directed by Andy Tennent and starring Shirley McLaine and Jessica Lange - playing Greg Pinkerton. Recent web series includes: "Storyline - Soap is Dead-Long Live Soap", an online comedy written by Neil Docking, directed by Maxine Evans.
Alexis Sun

Photo by Peter Bartlett
Do You Know This Girl?

Recent film includes: 'Do You Know This Girl?', which she also wrote and produced. The film has been officially selected to screen at the 2015 LA Comedy Festival in Hollywood, as well as Aesthetica, Crystal Palace, and Zero Film Festivals in the UK.
Paul DuBois

Photo by C Carter

Voiceover: documentary HOCKNEY for BBC Films and the Smithsonian Channel USA. Web series: United Colours of Comedy (guest star). Corporate: Care Quality Commission, The Mayo Clinic, and the Post Office.
Delianne Forget

Photo by Rosie Still 2014
Nuffield Health Clubs

Recent commercial: Nuffield Health Clubs. Recent training videos: Healthcare Learning. Recent voiceover: Becel Margarine, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Floogals Cartoon for Zodiak Media.
Pat Starr

Photo by Pat Starr
Florence Foster Jenkins

Recent film: Florence Foster Jenkins, directed by Stephen Frears and starring Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant - playing Mrs Vanderbilt. Recent television: "50 Ways to Kill Your Lover" - playing Mother in episode "Prenuptial Nightmare."
Anne Wittman

Photo by Romain Yurkievich
All the Little Pieces

Recent voiceover includes: All the Little Pieces - audiobook, by award-winning author Jillian Hoffman, for Harper Collins. Recent film includes: Embrace - Short Film Narration, by noted Polish Dogme actress-turned-director Elzbieta Piekacz. Recent rehearsed reading: Spiritualists, by Anne-Sophie Marie, directed by Luke Dixon for Conway Collective.
Chris Rogers

Photo by Nicholas Dawkes
Ryobi Commercial

Chris has been shooting a follow up commercial to the one he did last year for Ryobi.