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We are an organisation of professional North American actors who are each affiliated with at least one industry union and are legally eligible for work in the UK as well as in the US or Canada. We are an invaluable resource to casting directors on both sides of the pond, and act as a central hub of activity for our members by organizing regular industry and social events tailored to North American Actors.

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Featured Performances

Mark Holden
The Bodyguard. Directed by Thea Sharrock/Frank Thompson. Role: Bill Devaney.
Playing at UK Tour. From 03-Feb-2016 to 26-Jun-2016
Video Game
Homefront: The Revolution. A Crytek Studios production. Role: Sidney Cook & Craig Doyle.
The Division (Released 8th March 2016). An Ubisoft Massive production. Role: Crim. Gunner 01, DZ Heli Pilot 02, Crim.Enforcer 02, LMB Grenadier 02, JTF M Black 03, Crim.Leader 03, Crim.Enforcer 04.

Lance Fuller
Sins Borne. A JPL production. Role: Barry.
Playing at Edinburgh Fringe - TheSpace at Jury's V260. From 05-Aug-2016 to 27-Aug-2016

Nancy Baldwin
The "Unseen Enemy Series" by Marysol James. Due out in October 2016

Rachel Fowler
Gidion's Knot by Johnna Adams. A Women and War Festival production. Directed by Matthew Hahn. Role: Heather.
Playing at So and So Arts Club. From 07-Jul-2016 to 17-Jul-2016

John Guerrasio
Getting Rich Vegas Style. A RAY Finnish Casinos production. Role: Richard Diamond.
Happy Hotel. A Doubletree Hotels production. Role: Hotel Manager.
Honeymoon Snaps. A Mr. Kipling's Cakes production. Role: English Father.
Video Game
Tunguska. A Side production. Role: Tanker.

John Moraitis
We Still Steal The Old Way. A WSSTOW production. Directed by Sacha Bennett. Role: Anthony Fiorato.
Released: late 2016