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Featured Performances
Kat Flynn

Photo by Claire Newman-Williams

Kat is currently rehearsing as Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray, which will show at the Darlington Civic Theatre April 22 - May 2.
Robert Ravelli

Photo by Michael Wharley
Urban Hymn

Robert was featured singing as a choir member in the upcoming film Urban Hymn directed by Michael Caton-Jones. Robert also recorded multiple character voice overs for the documentary The Sunshine Makers, a story about the two people who helped popularise LSD in the 60's. The film will be touring the film festival circuit later this year.
Carol Cleveland

Photo by Paul Winter
PomPoms Up!

On Saturday, March 28 Carol will be at The London Film Convention, held in Westminster where she'll be signing photographs and her book, PomPoms Up!. The Deluxe DVD/CD set of the O2 Arena production of Monty Python Live (mostly) – One Down, Five To Go in which she features, has now been released. Carol recently did some voice-over work as part of a recital at the Royal Collage of Music. She recited a poem written by the Canadian photographer/poet, Margaret Watkins which was set to a specially written, orchestrated, clarinet piece.
Heather Rome

Photo by Chris Baker

Heather has just filmed an episode of the BBC's Doctors playing Jayne Blakelock as a Guest Artist.
John Guerrasio

Photo by Nick James
Woman in Gold

John is featured in the film Woman In Gold currently on general release, played Mo in the comedy series Asylum currently running on BBC TV and starred as Al Capone in the new computer game Blues and Bullets. He's just made a TV commercial filmed in Beirut for the Middle Eastern media company Etisalat and added several US TV reporter voices for The Eichmann Trial on BBC TV.
Sebastian Nicholas

Photo by Nick Granito
Speed the Plow

Sebastian is doing a staged reading of Speed The Plow - playing Bobby Gould at The Leystonstone Library on 2nd March. Nicolaus Mackie, Managing Director of Streetwise Film Productions Limited, is directing.
Michael Koltes

Photo by Lucy Newman-Williams
Paradise Ranch

Michael's off to the US to do pickups on a movie thriller set around Area 51 called Paradise Ranch. He plays co-lead Russell Williams.
Kerry Shale

Photo by Alan Howard
The 2000 Year Old Man

Kerry will be appearing in Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner's The 2000 Year Old Man between March 9 and 22nd.
Stefania Lintonbon

Photo by DLintonbon
Golf Instruction Game

Stefania provided the voice over for a new Golf instruction game mobile App.
Philip Rosch

Photo by M.A.D. Photography
Law & Order: UK

Philip played the recurring character Webb in Mr Selfridge and also appeared as Alan in Law and Order: UK. Philip will be playing the lead role of Peter Moore on Sky Vision's Most Notorious, their new drama-doc about serial killers (casting by Stephanie Dawes). Later this year he'll be playing Ivan Waltz in the feature-film Untitled (casting by Carolyn McLeod).
Anne Wittman

Photo by Romain Yurkievich
Dinner and a Movie

Anne is playing the lead in Dinner and a Movie which was selected for Film of the Month on Shooting People.
Nigel Barber

Photo by Charlotte Levy
Apocalypse Slough

Nigel has just played the General in Apocalypse Slough. He has also voiced 10 TV/internet spots for Full Tilt Poker. He is currently in Sofia Bulgaria playing the lead antagonist, Admiral Nathan Black, in Jeffery Lando's Roboshark for Sony Pictures and will be filming in March and April for the features Jarhead 3 and Company of Heroes 2. He has also been cast as Simon in Bhavan Rajagopalan's new film for Green Algae Films, North, filming in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India in June.
Pippa Winslow

Photo by Brandon Bishop
Apocalypse Slough

This month Pippa played a US Politician for the new Sky1 series Apocalypse Slough. She also shot one episode of 50 Ways to Kill Your Lover for the Discovery Channel and she soon will be playing Mrs Ball in the upcoming feature film S3RIAL: The Angel of Decay. On stage Pippa recently played The Character in Date 1 to 10, a workshop performance of a new musical at the Landor Theatre.
Christy Meyer

Photo by Claire Newman Williams
Oliver Stone Feature Film

Christy Meyer will be acting opposite Shailene Woodley and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Oliver Stone's next untitled feature about Edward Snowden.
Mark Holden

Photo by Paige Birnie
The Double Deal

Mark Holden's short film, The Double Deal, won Best Short Film at the San Diego Black Film Festival at the end of January. Mark is also in the post edit stage of his second short film, Huey & Louis. Mark is preparing to film the feature The Infiltrator with Bryan Cranston.
Giselle Wolf

Photo by Kenneth Dolin
Metropolitan Room, NY

Gisselle has spent most of her time back in New York. She has been doing Cabaret work at the famous Metropolitan Room and will be doing two shows in May, Love: A Celebration. She did seven shows of Journeys: A Celebration last year and played at Crazy Coqs in London last February.
Jane Perry

Photo by Faye Thomas
The Assets

Jane has recently worked with Jodie Whittaker and director Peter Medak in The Assets, and playing opposite Tom Hanks in the upcoming feature film Hologram for the King, directed by Tom Tykwer. This past autumn, she also worked with Jude Law on Michael Grandage's first feature film Genius, a biopic about American writer Thomas Wolfe.
Robert Slade

Photo by Conrad Blakemore
Ghost City

Robert will be appearing in Ghost City at the Vaults Festival witch runs from Feb 25 to Mar 1. He will then be returning to the Vaults in Alice Underground.
Laila Pyne

Photo by Sheila Burnett
50 Ways to Kill Your Lover

Laila Pyne recently played Adele in 50 Ways to Kill Your Lover. She also did the voice over for the "Schmoovies" commercial on youtube which may be viewed here.
Kosha Engler

Photo by Luce Newman-Williams
Monsters: Dark Continent

Kosha's recent credits for film include Monsters: Dark Continent (supporting). Voice over work for TV commercials include "Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude", "Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue". Voice over work for video games include Divinity: Original Sin, which won GameSpot Game of the Year 2014, and Kinect Sports Rivals.