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We are an organisation of professional North American actors who are each affiliated with at least one industry union and are legally eligible for work in the UK as well as in the US or Canada. We are an invaluable resource to casting directors on both sides of the pond, and act as a central hub of activity for our members by organizing regular industry and social events tailored to North American Actors.

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Featured Performances

Nesba Crenshaw
Undisclosed. A Warner Bros/American Night Productions production. Directed by Tim Story. Role: Undisclosed.
Released: 2021

Noelle Adames
Educational Films
Liz and Customer for English Language, SilverSun Media Group
Short Film
Just Claire. A RH Productions production. Directed by Benjamin Leggette. Role: Luna (mum).
Released: 2019
The Drill. A RH Productions production. Directed by Alanna Barrett. Role: Teacher.
Released: 2019
Love Jumps. A Spoons Voices production. Role: Multiple Characters - Lipstick, Auntie, Coins, Executive.

Christy Meyer
Video Game
Blair Witch. A Bloober/Lionsgate Games production. Role: Jess/Blair Witch.

Madeleine Maby
Spiders Web. A The Barnstormers Theatre production. Directed by Clayton Phillips. Role: Clarissa Hailsham-Brown.
From July 29-2019 to August 20- 2019
The Man Who Came to Dinner. A The Barnstormers Theatre production. Directed by Bob Shea. Role: Lorraine Sheldon.
From July 14-2019 to August 03-2019

Lance C. Fuller
Egencia. Role: John Big Three.
Home Sweet Homicide. An October Films production. Directed by Stuart Jones. Role: Detective Brian Miller.
Airing: 2019
Jekyll and Hyde. An Arrows and Traps Theatre production. Role: American Interviewer, Father, Debate.

Kosha Engler
TBA. A Warner Bros production.
Released: 2020
My Family’s Deadly Secret (3 eps). An October Films production. Role: Narrator (voice).
Airing: 2019
Very Valentine. A Sony / Lifetime production. Directed by Menhaj Huda. Role: Rhedd Lewis.
Airing: 2019
Video Game
Everybody’s Golf VR. A Sony / OMUK production. Role: Receptionist Miyuki.
The Suicide of Rachel Foster. An OMUK / Daedalic Entertainment production. Role: Nicole (lead).